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About Us...

How was Snapliments® started?

I am a mom of an elementary student and a consultant who has worked within the education field for over a decade. In the last five years, I have drastically noticed a change: a change in work ethics, with respect and responsibility. After consulting with many fellow co-workers and teachers, I concluded that it wasn't just my personal experiences, but a problem nationwide in many classrooms.


So, how can we fix the lack of passion and spirit? There are many groups and organizations that strive on pride. Many individuals earn badges for success; ranging from scouts, to employment, to the military and to sports. For example, many football players are awarded helmet stickers for good plays on and off the field. If leaders and a coaches can bring together a group of individuals from all different walks of life, ignite them with passion which then leads to spirit of the same cause; WHY can't we do that in the classrooms of our schools? Our teachers are the coaches and inspire the leaders of our youth.


Snapliments was born for that reason. Students don't wear helmets in the school house, but they do have backpacks and they do have graduation caps; the "trophy" for completing 13 years of education.  And trust me, they DO love to be recognized (or "Liked" in today's digital era). Snapliments is meant to bridge the gap of the starting point and the final ceremony of education. There are so many day to day small moments which make the big moment finally worth it. Earning Snap-its is a way to receive a compliment which is given with a token reminder. A compliment that let's you know that you've done something right; and a token to display that accomplishment.


When was the last time you received a compliment?  How did you feel?  When was the last time you gave a compliment? Didn't it feel great to make someone's day and bring a smile to their face?  Try it, it will change someone else's life and yours too!


So, my goal with Snapliments® is that it will help create passion, respect, responsibility and spirit in your school and organization.






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